How To Use The File Manager On cPanel

How To Use The File Manager On cPanel

cPanel organizes all the files on your account into folders. Use the File Manager interface to manage and edit your files.

Change Settings

To change the directory in which File Manager opens, perform the following steps:

Click Settings to open the Preferences window.

Select Web Root (public_html or www) for the most direct route to your files, or select another option to open the File Manager interface in that directory.

Note: Use this menu to display any hidden files.

Click Save.

Create a new file or folder

To create a new file or folder, perform the following steps:

Click + File or + Folder in the File Manager toolbar. A new window will appear.

Enter the new item’s name in the New File Name: or New Folder Name: text box.

Enter the location in which the system will save the item in the New file will be created in: or New folder will be created in the text box.

Click Create New File or Create New Folder.

Rename a file or folder

To rename a folder or file, click the item’s name and enter the new name in the text box. Press the Return key to save the change.

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